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First published in the Resource Issue of Homeopathy Today February 2003

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A technological wonderland at my fingertips

I had to be dragged literally kicking and screaming into the wonderful and sometimes maddening world of computer technology.

I owned my first computer for nearly a year before I had the courage to connect its mysterious parts and switch them on. My friend, homeopath and computer enthusiast Francis Treuherz, held my hand while showing me that my computer was not going to jump out of its casing and bite me. He translated everything in my physical office into what I was seeing on that first, tiny computer screen (a Macintosh SE for those of you who have known them!) and helped acquaint me with what fast became a deep and enduring friendship!


Getting smart at last

For the first eight years or so I used three programs on my Apple computer: email, Word, and MacRepertory (homeopathic software). It took me ages to branch out and use more of my computer's functionality.      

In 1997 I defected and purchased my first PC. I took some classes and read a bunch of books to understand what I was doing. The "For Dummies" books didn't work for me ... there were simply too many words in them. I found books with pictures to be worth thousands of words. And pretty soon I started whizzing about my computer in ways I could never have dreamt about even a year before.


Connected at last

The World Wide Web was touted as a way to connect with people and businesses around the world at the click of a mouse. But for years I found the Internet frustratingly, maddeningly slow. It never compared to flicking through a magazine ... waiting for pages to load was rather like waiting in line at the supermarket ... only worse! Like millions of others who have dial-up modems, I didn't use the Internet much. This winter when I got hooked up with high speed Internet access via a cable modem ... everything changed! Jumping from site to site is now like having ten books open on my desk at once. At last, the Internet has delivered its early promise. It's like having color television after years of black and white.     

At the end of 2002 I took the huge step of going more or less paperless, and I now carry my office around with me, thrilled to be able to set up shop anywhere there is a power outlet. My office used to fill a room: the books and patient charts alone filled a small truck each time I moved. My whole office now fits into a smart little briefcase and weighs seven pounds. I use 25--35 programs daily and love the versatility and connectivity.


Never too old

Last year my 75-year-old aunt in England was given her first computer. She hated it for months ... it made her feel stupid and crazy but she persevered with her classes and homework, and at the beginning of December she sent me her first email. So if you are just thinking about getting your toes wet but haven't got the nerve to take the plunge, think of my 75-year-old aunt! Get connected and join us in this magical, always wide open, global sea of information!


Homeopathy on the Internet

In December I sent out approximately seventy emails to friends and colleagues around the world asking them to send me their favorite homeopathic websites. In addition to these I added my own favorites. I trust this compilation of homeopathy sites on the Internet will inform, interest, and inspire you.

So many of the sites listed in this article are fascinating as well as fun. I hope you will jump into this virtual ocean of learning and explore it to the end of the Internet and beyond! This list will also be published on the NCH website so that you can easily jump to a link simply by clicking on it.

There are unpleasant distractions on many websites: ads that pop up (some of which are cunningly disguised as messages); flashing banners which give you an instant migraine; orange backgrounds and tiny print which make reading on a computer screen impossible. I tended to exclude these--as I did those that were slow to load or outdated.

The Internet makes studying homeopathy a breeze--for students, homeopaths, and teachers. There's tons of information, much of it interesting or even fascinating. The trick is to be careful about the time you spend on sites of dubious scholarly value! The Internet is full of people who are writing all their thoughts, feelings, and opinions with little or no editing.       


Searching on the web |to Top

Google is universally considered the best search engine. You'll find the English one at www.google.com . There are French and German Googles at www.google.fr and www.google.de respectively!

Searching is an art. Choose your words carefully and vary them to find other sites. Spell homoeopathy with the extra "o" to scoop up sites in England, or spell it like the French do (homeopathie) and see what you get. Put the words "classical homeopathy" together within quotation marks and your search will give you results with that exact phrase. Use the full botanical names for remedies (e.g., " Atropa belladonna ") to find those sites with botanical and homeopathic information, otherwise you will tend to get a lot of "other" sites. Try searching for "deadly nightshade" (the common name for Belladonna ), then for " Belladonna " alone. And finally for "Atropa belladonna." Each search gives different results with the last search producing many more botanical and homeopathic sites.

Click on the Advanced Search button on Google's home page and play with your searches to uncover some real treasures.

Many homeopathy sites have "search" buttons and some have them on every page. Search wildly: type in anything that crosses your mind. See what happens.

Check out www.kartoo.com --a search engine with a map, with a graphical result for your searching. It's crazy fun!


Frustration-free surfing Tips | to Top          

Type the exact name of the site you want to visit--with every single dot in exactly the right place.

Use your local library if you don't have a computer.

Limit your time, and stretch frequently so you don't turn to stone!

Use "bookmarks" in your web browser so that you can return to an interesting site. It isn't easy to remember where you've been. Find

Search with care and cunning (See "Searching on the web.")


Animal Care | to Top          

Many veterinarians have their own websites full of information and articles. Just search for veterinary homeopathy to find them!


Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy--for referrals to veterinarians who practice homeopathy.


The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association


Informational sources on the web for everything and anything to do with animals and alternative treatments--including homeopathy.


Search for numerous inspirational and informative articles by noted homeopathic veterinarians including Christina Chambreau and Richard Pitcairn.


There are 138 homeopathy groups on the Yahoo website including this one for those wanting to talk about homeopathy for their pets.


Books  | to Top         

Everyone's favorite bookstores were Minimum Price Homeopathic Books and Homeopathic Educational Services. Most of the pharmacies (see below) also sell books.


Minimum Price Homeopathic Books: a comprehensive homeopathic bookstore with many book reviews. Flexible and varied search options make finding a book easy.


Homeopathic Educational Services: this site has an incredible number of books and products and a plethora of useful links.


Get some incredible deals on used/second-hand homeopathic books and kits and other homeopathic paraphernalia.


Books Online  | to Top            


Go to the above site and click on the 9 th link down the page: " Download-Seite Organon der Heilkunst" to download Hahnemann's Organon in its original German.


An unbelievable collection of homeopathic books online many of which have photos and illustrations. Bradford's biography of Hahnemann, The Life and Letters of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, is a distinct treasure. This site is seriously addictive: do not go to it late at night unless you can take your laptop to bed with you.


Consultations  | to Top         

There are many websites offering homeopathic treatment by email--for both humans and animals. 262 sites came up when I searched for "homeopathic consultation" online--many from homeopaths in Pakistan and India. The homeopaths concerned may never meet or speak with their patients. As with all other consultations, you are advised to seek out homeopaths that are qualified as well as certified with reputable, national homeopathic organizations. It is always advisable to consult with your homeopathic practitioner face to face if at all possible.


Discussion Groups  | to Top           

Connect with enthusiasts from around the world and discuss everything homeopathic including philosophy, methodology, and materia medica.


Scroll down to the chart of therapies at the bottom of this (long) home page and click on homeopathy. The link at the top, "Homeopathic Discussion Groups," takes you to a listing of these sites. The following are the most popular:


Browse the messages on the web's biggest online homeopathy discussion board and join the list so you too can participate.


Another popular homeopathic discussion group.


A work-group on homeopathic theory and philosophy, this group is attempting to understand the Organon by going back to Hahnemann's original German edition.


Live chats with homeopaths around the world make this site a unique resource. It has some interesting articles too.


Education | to Top            

There are a tremendous number of sites offering online education or distance learning opportunities: from basic, first-aid homeopathy courses to more comprehensive ones. Using the words "homeopathy" or "homoeopathy" and "distance learning" or "online" and "course" or "class" (e.g., "homeopathy online class" or "homoeopathy distance learning course") will bring up hundreds or even thousands of results.

If you are interested in studying homeopathy at a real school instead of a virtual one, then search for "homeopathy school" or "homeopathy program." You can find a listing of schools in the Resource Guide (Homeopathy Today, Feb 2003) , but you will find many more by searching on the web. Use the discussion groups to find out which schools or courses might suit you the best.


Events | to Top

Several websites publish homeopathic events in the U.S. and around the world. Whole Health Now ( www.wholehealthnow.com ) and the NCH website ( www.homeopathic.org ) have the two best seminar, conference, and homeopathic events listings.


Fun Stuff | to Top


This German pharmacy site has hundreds of photographs of homeopathic remedies. Click on the British flag (for English!) and then click on "Arzneimittelliste" in the bar on the left-hand side and again on the same word in the middle of the next page that appears. All the remedies that have a "link" are listed in blue and can be clicked on for further information and many beautiful photos.

This British site has a surprisingly smart online remedy finder that is fun for when you are stuck in bed with a cough or the flu and are bored with playing computer games or watching daytime soap operas and the remedy you took isn't working. The process of questioning takes you from the general to the particular in a way that encourages you to think like a homeopath!


A comparison of the 5th (German edition) and 6th (English) editions of the Organon with discussion and commentary from four homeopaths in Germany (comparing the original German edition with the English translations), Canada, South Africa, and the U.S.


General Interest  | to Top

This was where I got stuck in a veritable homeopathic wonderland of data. These sites are my and many other people's favorites. If your favorite site isn't here, let me know. (It may be because it isn't up-to-date or is slow to load or has a ton of annoying ads on it.)


This French site--Homéopathe Internationale--is a homeopathic treasure trove. It was the most-recommended site by those who responded to my email request--it receives 6500 visitors a day. It is huge, glorious, and multi-lingual with the English sections clearly marked. It has articles galore, books online, and hundreds of photos of homeopaths old and new. There's a page that defines old diseases by name--an invaluable resource when using old repertories.


The next favorite site was Homeopathy Home. It has tons of links, and over 3000 visitors a day. It was many people's favorite jumping off point for all other sites.


Many papers including books, journals and papers online from the British homeopathic Library.


David Little's site was the favorite for most students and practitioners wanting to study certain subjects in depth. The articles are of an extremely high quality.


Great site. Lots of articles for homeopaths and students--and lots of links too.


The site for Homeopathic Educational Services, it is packed with resources for the home prescriber and the serious homeopath.


Here you will find a couple of great articles: one on LM potencies and another on Boenninghausen's remedy relationships.


Dr. Will Taylor's remedy of the week is always worth visiting and studying.


This site was full of information--and very slow to load, but worth it. Click on the link to homeopathy, and access a number of great articles on homeopathy and vaccination.


Libraries | to Top

Some homeopathic libraries provide online services, an invaluable resource for students and researchers.


The library of the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital in Scotland has a searchable database of thousands of books and journals.


This site has the most comprehensive listing of homeopathic libraries around the world.


Magazines |to Top


Homeopathy Online magazine.

Many of this popular magazine's articles are available on the website. They are well-written, informative, and supportive of effective alternative therapies.


Medical Information | to Top      

This site has great information on alternatives to be used for various conditions. I look here for adjunct herbal and nutritional therapies.

www.webmd.com and www.medlineplus.gov

Information about diseases, diagnoses, medical terms, and drugs in accessible format and language.

National Women's Health Information Center, a government site with information on medical topics relating to women.

Check out drug interactions and side effects here at one of the faster and better organized sites. At the same site you can find information on herbs (Chinese and Western) and three monographs on homeopathic remedies! ( Arsenicum, Argentum nitricum, and Calcarea carbonica) .
This is the Combined Health Information Database offered as an online resource through the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.


This is the public relations website for the Centers for Disease Control, where you can keep up to date with public health issues. There has been a lot of information lately about smallpox and vaccinations. You can check rumors and hoaxes here, which is always interesting and sometimes entertaining.


Click on Topic Links A-Z to access an astonishing amount of statistics and data.


Organizations  | to Top   


The website of the National Center for Homeopathy: a clearinghouse for information about homeopathy in the U.S. and around the world; a full membership list (6000 members including practitioners and study groups).


The certifying body for professional homeopaths, the Council on Homeopathic Certification website has a searchable directory of board certified homeopaths.


North American Society of Homeopaths: NASH publishes an incredible yearly journal ( The American Homeopath ) dedicated to a deeper understanding of homeopathy.


American Institute for Homeopathy and American Board of Homeotherapeutics: publishes on its website a directory of medical doctors who practice classical homeopathy.


Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians: for naturopaths who practice classical homeopathy.


American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists.


The Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Convention of the U.S.: for the legal and formal aspects of homeopathic pharmacy.


The U.K. Society of Homeopaths: their online leaflets are practical and helpful.


The website for the European Council for Classical Homeopathy.


Pharmacies: U.S. Pharmacies | to Top

The following pharmacies all have extensive single remedy listings in varying potencies. Remedies from the major homeopathic manufacturers-- BHI, Boiron, Standard, Hylands, Dolisos, Boericke and Tafel--are all available from your local whole food store. The following sites specialize in selling remedies on the web and each site has something special to offer.


Hahnemann Laboratories provides high quality remedies as well as lots of information about how they are made.


Order remedies, books, and kits from Washington Homeopathic Products' popular site. Search their online edition of Boericke's Materia Medica for your symptoms.


Homeopathy Overnight: an interesting, fast site once you get used to the search fields.


Natural Health Supply sells a spectacular number of kits (including LM potency kits) as well as individual remedies and books.


The Luyties site is the place to visit for Biochemic tissue salts and an interesting range of oils and ointments.


Pharmacies: International Pharmacies | to Top           

The following English homeopathic websites are popular with those seeking remedies that are not available in the U.S. (for example, less commonly used remedies or recently-proven ones).


Homeopathic students and practitioners make all the remedies at Helios by hand.


By appointment to the Royal Family, Nelson's has been manufacturing and selling homeopathic remedies since 1860.


Ainsworths also holds a warrant to supply members of the Royal Family. Ainsworths sells their own Bach Flower Remedies using Dr Bach's original methods of preparation.


Provings | to Top

The full text of some provings--new and old--is available at some of these sites. I am sure there are many others--these are the ones that I knew about or came across as I stumbled about the web.


The site for Louis Klein's published provings.


Julian Winston (illustrious editor of this magazine, inveterate historian, and homeopathic enthusiast extraordinaire) has published a number of old provings on his site that aren't to be found easily elsewhere. Click on the "archives" link to get to them.


Provings from Misha Norland's Devon School of Homeopathy.


Recommended guidelines for provings by the European Council of Classical Homeopathy.


There's a searchable database of homeopathic provings.


Practitioner Referrals | to Top   


There are links from this Council on Homeopathic Certification site to all sites with Directories including: the American Board of Homeotherapeutics, the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians, and the North American Society of Homeopaths--all certifying organizations, all of which have directories on their sites.


The NCH has a huge member and practitioner directory. Note that the NCH is not a certifying body, and all practitioners listed are simply members who have identified themselves as practitioners.


This website maintained by Steve Waldstein, RSHom(NA), has an extensive practitioner listing based on his personal opinions (i.e., it does not constitute a referral from a certifying body).


This is designed for those who are new to homeopathies, who wish to read how homeopathy can help their complaint and locate a homeopathic practitioner in their area.


Software | to Top           

There are a handful of companies producing excellent homeopathic software packages for the homeopathic student and practitioner.


Cara: free download available online.


Hompath: free download available online.


Radar and Encyclopedia Homeopathica: free demo available on request.


MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks: free demo available on request.


There are many more software programs for the home prescriber, some of which are under $50! Click on the Software Link on this site to see some of them.


Wildlife Rehabilitators  | to Top         


WildAgain supports wildlife and the wildlife rehabilitation community through a myriad of activities including homeopathy.


The Island Wildlife Natural Care Centre is dedicated to wildlife rehabilitation (specifically seals) emphasizing alternative treatments such as homeopathy.


The Welsh Hedgehog Hospital (yup, it's for real) has an adorable site with a homeopathic Materia Medica for rescued hedgehogs.

www.nwrawildlife.org and www.iwrc-online.org

The two main professional organizations representing rehabilitators in the U.S.


A plethora of information about everything to do with wildlife rehabilitation, with links to organizations and a directory of rehabbers.


Wildlife Rehabilitation Today magazine's website. Read online articles and subscribe.


Acknowledgements  | to Top   

Thanks to so many of you who contributed to this article and especially: Teresa Kramer, Doug Hoff, Sherrill Sullivan, Yolande Grille, Francis Treuherz, Julian Winston, Jill Thomas, Valerie Sadovsky, Jim Klemmer, David Witko, Donna Powers, Dana Ullman, Michael Quinn, Sylvain Cazelet, Nancy from Michigan, Eileen Nauman, Thomasina Carr, Karen Greenberg, Ingrid Kropf Holland, Jon Haworth, Karen Allen, Anneke Hoagland, and any others I have inadvertently omitted.


Miranda Castro 2012

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