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:: Sailing Through Menopause with Homeopathy ::

First published in Homeopathy Today - March 2003

Our health is affected by the passage of time through our lives, from conception all the way through to death. There are adjustments and challenges, physical and emotional, which are particular to each age.

Menopause is one of life's great transitions and, like adolescence -- that other great biological life transition -- it is a change over which we have relatively little control. Menopause can pass by almost unnoticed, with very little fuss or trouble, with no hot flashes and an unceremonious ending of the menstrual periods. Or it can be lingeringly difficult, with hot flashes lasting for years, or debilitating symptoms like depression and menstrual flooding with anemia and exhaustion.

Each person varies; each menopause will affect each woman differently, and each woman will find their own health affected in different ways. The following chart may be useful for selecting a homeopathic remedy that can give symptomatic relief for some common menopause complaints.



Emotional symptoms

Hot flashes

Other menopause symptoms

General symptoms

Amylenum nitrosum

Tremendous anxiety felt in head & chest

Feels like something bad is going to happen

Severe hot flashes: head is hot; face flushes (deep red)

Drenching sweats after hot flash

Palpitations and headaches

Sensation of a lump in the throat

Exhaustion after a hot flash (with the sweating)

Craves fresh air (opens window in coldest weather)

Argentum nitricum

Tremendous anxiety (constant agitation)

Many fears including heights, crowds

Severe hot flashes with sudden, drenching sweats

Insomnia with agitation: gets overheated, flings covers off and then gets chilled

Worse for heat

Craves sweets which aggravate


Sensitive and excitable


Restless: especially in bed (with flashes)

Severe hot flashes: head is boiling hot, hands/ feet are icy cold; with profuse sweats (or none)

Bright red flush spreads over face

Stress incontinence when walking or standing

Throbbing headaches, nosebleeds.

Menstrual flooding

Insomnia with twitching, jerking, grinding teeth, hot flashes

Symptoms come on strongly and suddenly

Tendency to dryness

Calcarea carbonica

Anxious about her health


Difficulty concentrating

Memory weak

Bright red flush spreads over face

Hot flashes: with tremendous heat; with drenching sweats; followed by chills and clamminess

Sweats mostly on head & feet

Yeast infections with itching and burning discharges

Headaches with dizziness

Menstrual flooding

Strains joints easily especially ankles

Cramps in calves at night

Sluggish: energy low

Metabolism slows; gains weight easily

Worse cold/damp and drafts

China officionalis

Depressed & apathetic

Full of ideas but doesn't want to do anything

Hot flashes day & night

Sweats when covered

Menstrual flooding with anemia and exhaustion

Throbbing headaches

Face pale

Chilly and faint


Cimicifuga racemosa

Black depression alternating with excitability


Menstrual flooding: with chilliness and exhaustion: periods are painful and more frequent than usual

Pains in the small joints (in the feet/hands/wrists etc.)

Changeable symptoms

Pains move from place to place


Gets lost easily (even in familiar places)

Scared when out and about

Frequent severe hot flashes with nausea, dizziness & faint feeling

Flushes rush up or down the body

Violent palpitations felt in whole body, even in fingertips

Heat & pressure felt in head

Hot sensation down the back

Clothes feel tight

Worse for heat

Worse for wine

Better for fresh air and anything cool


A sense of loss

Keeps feelings to self

Sighs a lot

Moods changeable: alternate between irritability, laughing and even crying.

Hot flashes: with headache; with sweating on the face especially

Sleeps lightly & easily disturbed

Emptiness in stomach no better for eating

Contradictory symptoms

Worse for coffee


Mood swings: depressed to irritable to anxious

Wound up over little things

Much worse in the mornings on waking

Hot flashes felt in whole body

Sleep disturbed by hot flashes (woken by them)—no sweating

Severe, left-sided headaches.

Menstrual flooding

Bloating and discomfort after eating

Cannot tolerate tight clothing especially around neck

Everything is worse in the morning on waking

Worse for heat & coffee


Irritable, depressed and anxious

Hot flashes: worse when anxious; worse in stuffy places; with clammy sweat and red face—clothes feel too tight then

Sleep disturbed by jerking or restless legs

Appetite disturbed; full after eating a little; lots of gas

Hair loss

Menstrual flooding

Headache: vice-like pain

Worse 4--8 pm

Craves sweets and chocolate

Natrum muriaticum

Depressed and withdrawn

Great sense of loss; keeps it all to self

Dwells on new and old resentments or hurts

Hot flashes that rise from chest to head (legs are cool)

With night sweats and fluid retention

Dry skin generally

Lips dry, cracked

Painful dryness of vagina; recurring yeast infections

Herpes at corners of mouth

Constipated with small, hard stools

Worse for heat and sun

Better when alone

Nux vomica

Irritable, oversensitive workaholics

Tend to overdo everything bad (alcohol, coffee, fat) and underdo good (exercise, fruits, veggies)

Hot flashes with profuse sweats that are worse in bed

Feels faint with hot flash and sleepy afterwards

Insomnia: from anxious thoughts (about work)

Hot flashes


Headache: burning pain on top of the head

Periods more frequent and heavier (flooding)

Extremely chilly (hates drafts)

Extremely moody: sensitive, easily upset, weepy

Generally better for company and affection

Hot flashes, waves of heat with blushing (face and neck) and night sweats

Frequent urination and stress incontinence

Joint pains that move about the body

Headaches and digestive problems after rich/fatty foods

Better for fresh air

Worse for stuffy rooms



Depressed, apathetic (not interested in anything)

Irritable—snaps at loved ones (or anyone)

Weepy: doesn't want company or sympathy

Hot flashes, followed by drenching sweats—moving up the body

With exhaustion

Dragging down sensation in lower abdomen/lower back

Dry painful vagina and recurring yeast infections

Stress incontinence

Worse for cold

Better for vigorous exercise


Depressed and weepy

Becomes or feels cut off from people

Hot flashes with painful, burningheat at top of head.

With faint feeling

Burning heat of hands/feet.

Uncovers feet


Menstrual flooding

Hemorrhoids after periods stop

Insomnia—restless with the flashes.

Dry, itchy skin

Worse for heat

Better for cool fresh air

Very thirsty

Prescribing guidelines
Take the selected remedy in a low potency (6C, 30X or 30C).
Repeat the remedy 2 - 4 times a day according to the seriousness of your symptoms (less serious, less often; more serious more often).
Stop taking it as soon you notice an improvement. A homeopathic medicine acts as a catalyst, stimulating the body to heal itself. You only need take the "minimum" dose or amount needed to stimulate that healing response.
If the same symptoms return then repeat the same remedy—starting and stopping -- until there is more lasting improvement.
If you have taken a remedy for 3 - 5 days with no improvement then it is probably the wrong one. Select a different remedy and/or seek professional help.
If you have had a constitutional remedy prescribed by your homeopath within the past 6 months, check with them first before taking any remedies to treat your symptoms yourself.

Menopause websites

http://www.project-aware.org/ • A website by women, for women with information related to menopause.
http://www.geocities.com/menobeyond%20/• A forum for the airing of the views of (and discussions between) women
who believe that menopause is simply a transitional and developmental time of life.
http://www.holistic-online.com/Remedies/hrt/hrt_home.htm/ • Information about menopause—and its treatment.
http://www.womenshealthnetwork.org • A tremendous resource for on-line information about menopause. The popular book The Truth About Hormone Replacement Therapy is written by several women connected with the National Women's Health Network and available on this site.

Homeopathy books
Homeopathy for Menopause by Beth MacEoin
Whole Woman Homeopathy by Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman
Menopause and Homeopathy, A Guide for Women in Midlife by Ifeoma Ikenze
Women Ripening Through the Menopause by Melissa Assilem
Beauty in Bloom: Homeopathy to Support Menopause by Eileen Nauman

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