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:: MY BOOKS ::

You can buy my books (signed by the author!) from My Shop. You'll be able to read a nice selection of reviews there also.


The Complete Homeopathy Handbook

The Complete Homeopathy Handbook is the definitive guide for using homeopathic remedies at home. It includes A-to-Z listings for external and internal remedies, with explanations for correctly diagnosing the symptoms of any particular injury or illness. The book also includes case studies to bring the theory to life, and specific dos and don'ts to follow when treating more than seventy conditions.

This best-selling book is a must for anyone wanting to get great results - for themselves and their loved ones.

Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth & Your Baby's First Years

Find out about the many safe, effective, inexpensive and nonmedical remedies that homeopathy has to offer women in this important period of their lives. With reassuring, easy-to-read text, the reader will learn how to select remedies for hundreds of common physical and emotional symptoms. The book also offers a plethora of helpful and practical advice for making labor, birth and the post-natal period as relaxed and trouble-free as possible.

This guidebook offers a wealth of natural-health information every expectant parent should have at hand.

In the UK this book is published under the title "Homeopathy for Mother and Baby".

Homeopathic Guide to Stress

From nervousness and anxiety to the effects of caffeine, allergies and long hours in the workplace, we're bombarded with emotional and physical stresses every day. Written in a clear and engaging style, it offers an introduction to homeopathy with a focus on stress, and specific guidelines on which remedies to help with current or recent stressors, and which ones may also be taken as preventative measures.

This book presents inexpensive, easy-to-use ways to self-treat the symptoms as well as to handle the causes of stress.


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