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:: RESOURCES - mostly homeopathic! ::

Books - homeopathic books and tapes.
Calendar - homeopathic seminars, conferences and events in the US and internationally.
Chemicals/Organics - get smart about chemicals, not just in your food.
Creams - the good stuff!
Education - homeopathic schools and programs.
Health Freedom - protect your constitutional rights.
Influenza - articles, resources, remedies and kits.
Kits - don't leave home without one!
Organizations - homeopathic of course!
Referrals - to homeopathic practitioners, veterinarians etc.
Remedies - purchase single remedies by phone or on line from these homeopathic pharmacies.
Spanish-speaking homeopath on the web.

The upadated Resources Chapters from my eBooks: A Homeopathic Guide to Stress and Homeopathy for Mothers & Babies.


Book Sellers | to Top


My Shop - for my books and a small selection of books for the home prescriber.

Homeopathic Educational Services - for one of the largest selections of homeopathic books in the US.

Nature Reveals - this company took over from Mimimum Price Books and has a fabulous selection of books on homeopathy, nutrition and vaccination.



Homeopathic Supply Company - for Homeopathy for Mother & Baby (discounts offered on bulk orders) and a Homeopathic Guide to Stress.


Homeopathic Calendar | to Top

Find out about upcoming homeopathic seminars, programs and conferences: WholeHealth Now and Hpathy


Organic ... & Chemical Free | to Top

We are all concerned about the chemicals in our food and our environment, and so I have been surprised at how easy it is to inadvertently use toxic chemicals at home on ourselves and our loved ones through body care and cleaning products alone. Find out about, and support the Organic Food Movement. Organic food is getting cheaper all the time. The extra cost is worth it. The health of our earth depends on it. Literally. Sign up for the newsletter of the Organic Consumers Organization - you will learn lots about food - where it comes from and how, and maybe you'll join one or more of the OCO's campaigns.

The Environmental Working Group's Cosmetics Database is a spectacular resource. Check every single one of your skin, body care and cleaning products to make sure you aren't inadvertently exposing yourself to unecessary toxins.


Miranda Castro's Healing Creams | to Top

My healing creams have been soothing injured or arthritic joints, and scars in the UK and the US for 25 years. They have a really nice track record.

Miranda Castro's Healing Creams for Scars

This cream is wonderful for all scars old & new, including stretch marks in teenagers and pregnant women.

Miranda Castro's Healing Cream for Joints & Muscles

This joint will heal injured or inflamed joints and/or muscles. It will relieve pain and inflammation and help to strengthen the joint.

Miranda Castro's Healing Gels for Bites & Stings

My bug bite gel is something special - it works beautifully on nearly all insect bites and stings. It's a tube you'll want to have about your person for all your outdoor activities when those critters are active!


Homeopathic Education | to Top

People often ask me about how and where they can study homeopathy. If you can get to a school this is always your best option. The Council for Homeopathic Certification requires 500 hours of study so ideally you want a school that offers at least that and make sure the school you are considering will prepare you for the CHC exams. Being certified with the CHC is essential for homeopathic practitioners in the US.

Look for a program that has tons of supervised clinical training, that does not throw you in at the deep end (with clinical practice), that audits their clinical results, and teaches ethics and patient/practice management as well as homeopathic skills. Ask to speak to students at the school, and visit to sit in on a few classes to make sure it's a good match for you and your needs.

Here are two online sites that list schools and education programs:

ABC Homeopathy Training Courses and Schools Directory
Homeopathic Educational Services - North American Schools


Health Freedom | to Top

Did you know your freedom to use gentle, natural health therapies in Florida is in jeopardy? Florida’s Department of Health (DOH) regulates licensed health care professions. The DOH thinks that you must receive these therapies from people licensed in another profession. If the DOH is correct, the government is effectively forcing you to use practitioners who may have little experience in the therapies that you seek. Health freedom laws (in place in half a dozen states currently) preserve consumers' constitutional rights to make personal health care decisions without unnecessary state control.

Read all about this at the Organic Consumers Association - and sign up for their e-newsletter to keep in touch with this and other important environmental and health news.

Become a health freedom champion and support the National Health Freedom Coalition whose mission is to promote freedom of access to the healing and healthcare of your choice.


Influenza | to Top

Most years I publish something about the influenza of that year. Here are my notes from the last few years - they include great links and lots of great information that is applicable in every flu season.


Kits | to Top

I have a really nice selection of kits at My Shop. The ridiculously fabulous Homeocard: 40 remedies (100 granules of each remedy) in a credit card size kit is on everyone's wish list. My Complete Kit includes My Handbook - you'll conveniently have every remedy in my book conveniently at hand. The Cell Salt Travel Kit is a lovely lightweight kit to pop in your suitcase. There are more ...


US Organizations | to Top

Join the NCH  - support the growth of homeopathy at the grassroots and receive a fantastic array of benefits.

Council for Homeopathic Certification (US)

National Center study groups - these are a great source of homeopathic information and support.

The World

Professional homeopathic organizations by country.

UK & European Organizations

The Homeopathic Collective (UK) is a dynamic group that has been taking homeopathy to the people for many years.

Society of Homeopaths - representing professional homeopaths.

European Council for Classical Homeopathy - representing homeopathy throughout the EU.


Referrals to Homeopaths | to Top

Council for Homeopathic Certification (certified, classical homeopaths.)
Steve Waldstein's personal referral site (practitioners known - to Steve - to be reliable classical homeopaths.)
The National Center for Homeopathy (a listing of practitioners - of any level - in each state.)
North American Society of Homeopaths (professional, classical homeopaths.)
American Institute for Homeopathy (medical doctors who practice homeopathy.)
Homeopathic Nurses Association (nurses who practice homeopathy.)
Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians (naturopathic physicians who practice homeopathy.)


Remedies | to Top

You can order single remedies from any of the following homeopathic pharmacies. Hahnemann Labs (in California) and Helios (in the UK) have many (or most) of the newer or unusual remedies.


Spanish-speaking Homeopaths on the Internet | to Top

Dolfy Freinquel is a classical homeopath who practices in Eugene, Oregon. He has written a very nice book how to use homeopathy for common acute complaints - in Spanish. www.homeopatiafamiliar.com/


Updated April 16, 2012



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