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2015 - My Talks

September 11 - 12


Summer Camp: Welsh School of Homeopathy

I shall be teaching the graduating class of the Welsh school over 2 days in the depths of the beautiful Welsh countryside.

September 13

Welsh School Dates

CPD Day:Welsh School of Homeopathy

Topic to be advised!

September 18 - 19 Society of Homeopaths Annual Conference

2015 - My South Florida Dates

I come to South Florida (Dania Beach) 3-4 times a year. My next two dates are: May 15th - 18th and July 30th - August 3rd. I am available by email, phone or Skype in between visits for appointments.

Please contact me for details.

Updated February 3, 2015





May 12 & 13

Accidents & Emergencies Seminar - Gainesville, Florida

Co-taught with Ellen Goldman, ND

A weekend workshop for everyone! Click here for details.

Sponsored by the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture

June 24 - 26

Irish Society of Homeopaths - Annual Conference

I shall be speaking at the Irish homeopaths' annual conference in gorgeous Galway, taking stock of 25 years of homeopathic practice!

July 14

Sailing Through Menopause with Homeopathy - UK

A continuing education day for homeopathic practitioners at Garden Organic, Ryton (near Coventry).

July 15

Homeopathy for Birth & Beyond - UK

This one day seminar is open to everyone: mums & dads, midwives, health visitors, doulas, birth partners et al! Also at Garden Organic.

October 27

Colds & Flus Seminar - Gainesville, Florida

Co-taught with Ellen Goldman, ND

A Saturday Workshop for everyone!

Sponsored by the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture



February 2

Holistic Health Fair: Gainesville, Florida

A wonderful day with loads of fun and healing stuff going on.

I shall talk about my top 10 favorite remedies for children.

February 23

Sailing Through Menopause: Tampa, Florida

A Saturday Seminar for everyone!

Click here for details.


The Wood from the Trees: Wiltshire, UK

I shall be giving a presentation at the Homeopathic Camp for the Traveling Homeopaths Collective.

This is a wonderful group of which I am a patron!


March 22

All About the Cell Salts

This humble little range of remedies, 12 in total, is capable of a tremendous amount of healing for everyday complaints. They are the ‘supplements’ of the homeopathic world and carry out much of their work at a physical level. Learn all about how to use them in this seminar.

May 17

Handling & Healing Stress the Homeopathic Way

From anxiety and loss to the effects of caffeine, allergies and lack of sleep, emotional and physical stresses are ever-present in all our lives. Learn how to use homeopathy to help you handle everyday stresses.

June 28

Your Children's Everyday Health & Healing

This seminar will cover the most frequently used homeopathic remedies for the common complaints of children including fevers, coughs, colds, earache, teething, travel sickness, tummy upsets, and much, much more.


Fall & Winter Seminars

I had planned on teaching 3 seminars this fall: on First Aid for Accidents & Injuries, Colds & Flus ... & Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond. These are postponed for the time being. I accepted a number of writing projects this summer and I just cannot fit it all in - and tend to my garden. Please let me know if you were looking forward to one of these, and which one.



March 15

All About the Cell Salts: Boca Raton, FL

This one day workshop is being held at the Calusa Veterinary Center in Boca Raton. Click here for details.

March 26-28

Thriving Through Birth & Beyond: Seattle, WA

National Center for Homeopathy, Annual Conference.

I shall teach a one day seminar for parents, doulas, midwives and health care professionals on my favorite homeopathic remedies for birth and for healing after birth. Click here for details.

August 8

Reflecting Back on 30 Years in Practice: Rejkyavik, Iceland

One day seminar to celebrate the Icelandic Homeopathic Organization's 10th Anniversary.

April 4-5

Acute Prescribing Seminar: Cambridge, MA

Teliosis School of Homeopathy



March 13-14

Homeopathy for Acute Complaints Seminar: Cambridge, MA

Teleosis School of Homeopathy

Learn to treat yourself and your loved ones for a wide variety of common conditions. This workshop will build on the one I taught this November. If you were not able to attend that weekend there will be some catch-up materials to review.

April 11

Gentle Little Souls -- The 12 Fabulous Cell Salts: Alexandria, VA

The National Center for Homeopathy (NCH)

The NCH Conferences bring together a wide variety of enthusiastic home prescribers, students and practitioners of every variety. These are lively, inclusive events with something for everyone. The 2010 meeting will be held will be in Alexandria, Virginia (a spit away from Washington DC). I shall be teaching one of my favorite topics All about the Cell Salts on Sunday the 11th! Click here for details.

October 16

Beyond Natrum muriaticum and Ignatia:               Toronto, Canada

In this one day seminar I will explore how to use the relationships between remedies as an additional guide in everyday practice, especially when faced with acutes or the challenge of the second prescription.

I shall be speaking at the joint 2010 NUPATH-NASH (North American Society of Homeopaths Conference.
NUPATH’s objective has always been to bring the homeopathic community together, and this year’s conference represents a big step in that direction with homeopaths from around the world speaking about a variety of interesting topics.
email: info@nupath.org



Nov 18-19

Center for Homeopathic Education: New York, NY

I shall be teaching the first and second year students at this wonderful new homeopathy school in New York.

April 8

National Center for Homeopathy: Alexandria, VA

I shall be giving an introductory workshop on using homeopathy to improve the quality of life as we age.

June 4-5

Two One-day Seminars: Reykjavik, Iceland

June 4: Gentle Little Souls/The 12 Fabulous Cell Salts

June 5: Beyond Ignatia and Natrum muriaticum

June 9-12


Summer Camp: Welsh School of Homeopathy

I shall be teaching the graduating class of the Welsh school over 3 days in the depths of the beautiful Welsh countryside.

June 25

CPD Day: Southern College of Homeopathy   

Understanding the importance of the many relationships between remedies

July 2

30th Anniversary: School of Homeopathy, Devon



April 22

National Center for Homeopathy: Reston, VA 

(18 miles outside Washington DC)

This is going to be a great conference - there are a plethora of fabulous homeopathic speakers from around the world. I shall be giving an introductory workshop on using homeopathy to improve the health of your bones.

May 15 (Tues.)

8:00 pm

Your Beautiful Bones: An NCH Webinar

If you weren't able to attend the NCH Conference or even if you were - here's an opportunity to hear all about how to maintain and increase the strength and health of your bones at any age. You'll need to be an NCH member to listen to this webinar in real time.

May 26-27

Master Class: School of Homeopathy, Devon

May 30

Open Evening Worthing, Sussex

June 2

Homeopathic College of East Anglia, Norfolk

June 2

Norfolk Homeopathic Group

June 8

Irish School of Homeopathy Open Evening: Cork, Ireland

June 9

Irish School of Homeopathy Seminar: Cork, Ireland

June 10

Irish School of Homeopathy: Dublin, Ireland

June 15

All About the Cell Salts: British School of Homeopathy

June 16

South West Homeopathic Group Seminar: Exton, near Exeter (Devon)

September 22


A Little Magic, A Lot of Love: Using Homeopathy & Homeopathic Thinking to Enhance Health & Well-being During Pregnancy: An NCH Webinar for NCH members only

2 pm - 3:30 pm EST (11 am PST, 12 mid-day MST, 1 pm CST ... 7 pm GMT!) 

October 13

Houston, Texas: Texas Society of Homeopathy


2014 - My Talks

February 8-9

Florida Homeopathic Society's Annual Conference at Rollins College, Winter Park, FL near Orlando, Florida "Telling the Forest from the Trees"

Conference Details or Registration Form

May 12
July 28
September 29
National Center for Homeopathy Webinars
These webinars are evening events are they are free to everyone!
May 12: Common complaints of pregnancy.
July 28: Common complaints of breastfeeding.
September 29: Homeopathy for childhood illnesses.





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