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I have been teaching homeopathy ... at dozens of homeopathy colleges and conferences, at naturopathic universities, at birthing centers and libraries, at study groups and bookshops, for massage, psychotherapy and acupuncture students, ... both sides of the Atlantic since 1988. I have given countless professional seminars and taught hundreds of home prescribing workshops.

I am on a mission to help people heal themselves and their families easily and sweetly for everyday complaints, and thereby avoid unnecessary medications - saving those for when they are really needed.

Check out My Schedule for any upcoming seminars or presentations.

My Patronships! I am honored to be a patron at The Devon School of Homeopathy, The British School of Homeopathy, The Irish College of Homeopathic Medicine, and also for The Traveling Homeopaths Collective and H:MC21 (Homeopathy, Medicine for the 21st Century).

In 2011 I had great fun teaching a couple of online webinars for the National Center for Homeopathy and I shall, for sure, be teaching more. These webinars, as well as my DVDs, are a great way to catch some of my educational enthusiasm from the comfort of your own home! As I teach more webinars I shall be posting them here. Enjoy!


Updated April 16, 2012


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