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My Videos on YouTube

When I taught in Boston my friend and colleague Begabati Lennihan shot a number of short videos for her fabulous Green Healing TV initiative. They are short and informative.

Back Pain || Fevers || Hot Flashes || Mastitis || Morning Sickness || Pregnancy || Teething

My NCH Webinars

Here are three of the Webinars I have given for the National Center for Homeopathy (NCH). The NCH have generously made them available for free. Click here to view them all or click the one you wish to see below.

As We Age Dreaded Flu Bones Webinar

The NCH is a vibrant community of people passionate about homeopathy including home prescribers, students, practitioners, doctors, scientists, farmers, veterinarians and more. Their annual conferences are informative and great fun. Their magazine is always inspirational and they have made available more than ten years of fabulous articles available on line for free for members!

Homeopathy for Mother & Baby!

I am delighted to be participating in the NCH's Academy for Moms series. The first two videos are Parts I and II of my Homeopathy for Pregnancy Webinars - there's a little overlap but not much!

Part I: A Little Magic and A Lot of Love

How to use homeopathy and homeopathic thinking to enhance your health and well-being during pregnancy.

Click here for a pdf of the slides

Part II: Pre-natal Homeopathy Care for Moms

This webinar focuses more directly on how ot use homeopathy to heal some of the common complaints of pregnancy.

Click here for a pdf of the slides

Breastfeeding Webinar
Using homeopathy to ease some of the common complaints of breastfeeding.

Download a pdf of the powerpoint slides here:

My Paper on Mastitis: A Theoretical and Clinical Framework


Updated October, 2014

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