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Complete Homeopathy Handbook by Miranda Castro

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My first book has been spectacularly successful at helping people to heal themselves and their loved ones for acute complaints. This is classical homeopathy for the home prescriber in clear, easy to understand language. You can't go wrong!
Signed by the author!

A home prescriber's guide to the basics of homeopathy. An introduction to homeopathic theory, practical advice about different conditions and guidance on how to 'think like a homeopath'. Safe and effective ways to treat a multitude of common, everyday complaints such as coughs and colds, earaches, sore throats, flus, childhood illnesses, food poisoning and many many more.

"Many people are undermining their general health by over-using antibiotics and other strong medications for trivial complaints. This extended use can lead to a resistance to the drugs themselves; to allergies; and many serious chronic complaints. Homeopathy carries none of these risks and in fact boosts the body's innate health and vitality."
Miranda Castro (from the Introduction).

Complete Homeopathy Handbook
Back Cover

There are 3 main sections:
- Part 1: A brief, interesting history of homeopathy; a quick review of the main principles, practical information on case taking and how to take homeopathic remedies.
- Part 2: Concise descriptions for 94 homeopathic medicines including their uses and indications.
- Part 3: Over 50 complaints that are within the scope of the home prescriber are described in detail. They include practical advice for managing the symptoms (Dos and Dont's) as well as red flag symptoms that would necessitate a visit to a medical professional. A dozen helpful cases bring the theory to life.

Paperback: 256 pages
Size: 9.2 x 7.3 x 0.6 inches
Weight: 1.2 pounds

"I absolutely love this book. It was the first homeopathic book I got and still the one I go to the most. I do wish the index was in the very back of the book, it is tucked near the end and sometimes takes time to find when I am in a hurry, but otherwise I have no complaints.
"I read it from cover to cover when I first got it, which helped me a lot. It starts with a brief history of homeopathy, which I think is important for someone like me who was new homeopathy. Then it gets into the remedies. It gives a brief description of the remedy and what it is derived from, then it gives general physical and mental pictures of the remedy. Then, what I find most helpful, is it gives brief descriptions of each remedies use for common ailments it treats.
"I am not always successful at finding the correct remedy, because sometimes remedies are similar, but this book helps simplify things for me a lot. And I have had enough successes, some very dramatic, to keep me motivated to keep learning."
A. Leach (reprinted from Amazon)

"I have been pouring over your handbook for many many years and it continues to fascinate me, I have truly loved your informative, simple, easy to understand text and (with your kit) I now look forward to putting into practice these wonderful little miracles of nature. Your book is always the one I return to, it is clear and informative, not too much and not too little ... just right! With heartfelt appreciations from Joane Winkley, Yoga School of Meditation

"I always refer to your book "The Complete Homeopathy Handbook" before prescribing any remedies. It is like a bible to me and I always bring it whenever I travel.
"By the way, I've got one more story to make your day : ). Last month I attended an introductory course on homeopathy. The students were given a handout on the 36 remedies but the information was very brief. So during the class, I was constantly referring to your book while the homeopath was talking about the different remedies. Soon, the other ladies in the class were asking me what the book was about. So I showed them your "Complete Homeopathy Handbook" and, pretty soon, everyone was asking to take a look at it. They kept commenting on how your book was so detailed, informative, and easy to read.  
"Given the complexity of the subject, everyone concluded that you've made homeopathy much more easy for them to understand. By the end of the 4-day course, a number of people were ordering your book online (and having them shipped to Thailand where we live).  
"So thank you again for writing such a wonderful book!"
SW, Thailand

"I have used your book to determine remedies for our family for years—with great success.  THANK YOU!"
Sue R

"I am a homoeopath in Surrey, England, and a devotee of your Homeopathic Handbook which I first used many years ago when I was a new mother who had just found homoeopathy. 
"I qualified as a homoeopath many years later (5 years ago) and now run many self help courses for my patients and interested people about using homoeopathy and I use your book as the recommended text, including teaching them how to use it best and so on. 
"I still reach for the Handbook during acute telephone consultations from time to time and can't recommend it highly enough."
Cathy W

"I am a fan of yours for many year, I bought The Complete Homeopathy Handbook in 1994, it helped me over many rough spots. "
Irma P

"I remain grateful for your Homeopathy Handbook again and again. After 5 years of practice it is still the first book I reach for at home with my own family when I need to confirm an acute remedy and it is still one of my favorite recommendations to patients who are new to homeopathy and want an easy-to-understand guide. "
Jennifer G

"I have to say the book has been my healing bible for years ! thank you so much,best wishes"
Keri S

"First of all, thank you for your Handbook! Ever since I’ve purchased it a few years ago, I carry it with me whenever I leave my home for more than 10 hours.  It has been incredible helpful to me and my family; it made me a much more confident Mom knowing I could help my little boys so dramatically just by using your book as a guide."
Aleks B

"I then wrote to you after I had bought your wonderful book "The Complete Homeopathy Handbook", a copy of which is in the households of each of our four daughters - the three of whom who are mothers also have your Baby books!)  "
Hugh E

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