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7 Banner Weight 2.0 fl oz (60ml).
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This unique calendula and manuka honey healing and moisturizing cream is an incredible all-purpose skin cream for everything from every kind of rash and rough skin to pimples and diaper rash. And everything in between. Many of our customers use it as a daily moisturizer and hand cream.
Contains Calendula Extract, Neem Oil and Manuka Honey to fight infection as well as Shea Butter, Coconut and Avocado Oils to soothe and moisturize. These active ingredients are all certified organic.
7 Cream contains no parabens, mineral oil, lanolin, propylene glycol, EDTA, SLS, Phthalate, BHT or synthetic fragrances or colors.

Volume pricing:  Buy 6 or more tubes of 7 Cream for a 40% discount.

 - First aid in healing minor wounds such as cuts and grazes.
 - Effective antiseptic - protects against skin infections.
 - Soothes and heals burns including sunburn, scalds and radiation burns.
 - Relieves redness, stinging, itching and swelling from skin irritations including:
     insect bites, all kinds of rashes, fungal infections and more.
 - Nourishes dry, rough, cracked or peeling skin.
 - Rashes and hot spots in dogs and cats (a collar helps prevent an animal from licking it off)
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Apply to affected area's 1-4 times daily for up to a week

As with any skin cream it is advisable to test on a small area before widespread use.
 - For external use only.
 - Do not use in eyes.
 - Do not ingest.
 - Do not use for longer than one week unless directed by your doctor.
 - Consult your doctor before use in cases of deep or puncture wounds, animal bites, 3rd degree burns.
 - Stop use if conditions persist or get worse or skin irritation occurs.
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The key 7 ingredients are designed to nourish, heal and protect:

 - Shea butter
 - Avocado oil
 - Coconut oil
 - Neem oil
 - Aloe vera extract
 - Calendula extract
 - Manuka honey

This is a synergistic, proprietary formula with fabulous, therapeutic properties. There are a number of non-toxic, inactive ingredients to preserve the freshness as well as to emulsify the oils and keep them from separating. These ingredients all score a 1 (out of 10) on the Environmental Working Groups database.
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7 Cream was developed by British homeopath Robin Logan and it is a perfect complement to my healing creams. A small selection of the hundreds of unsolicited testimonials received by Robin:

I had severe burns to the most sensitive areas of my body but within 24 hours I could literally see new skin cells forming on the raw flesh and never looked back. 7 Cream is now a permanent item in the medical cabinet and I use it for any skin irritation. Cuts heal over night, my mother used it successfully for bed sores, and more...  Amazing - Miraculous - Magic. Many thanks.
S.C., Bolton, England

I am a nurse practitioner in private practice with a special emphasis in wound care. I have used 7cream for my father-in-laws radiation burn with incredible results.;
A.H., Sioux Center, IA, USA

I have been using this on my face - yes a face cream and loved it. I get many compliments on my complexion and have recommended this product to many people over the years.
L.S., Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Just wanted to say we have had fantastic results after using your Seven Cream on my five year old daughter. She suffers from severe outbreaks of eczema both on and around her eyes and mouth. Nothing we have tried has had any positive long term effect other than Seven Cream. Thank you so much!
N.S., Richmond, England

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7 Balm - the best lip balm in the world.
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