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Pregnancy, Birth & Babies by Miranda Castro

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My Mother and Baby book is a treasure trove of practical, healing and homeopathic information for every parent.
Signed by the author!

Homeopathy for pregnancy and birth introduces readers to the may safe, effective, inexpensive and nonmedical remedies that homeopathy has to offer women in this important period. The book explains the principles of homeopathy and tells readers how to select the remedies that correlate to hundreds of common symptoms of physical and emotional stress. It offers natural ways to make labor and birth as relaxed as possible, using homeopathic methods.



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After a concise explanation of the principles of homeopathy, there are two main sections:
-Part 1: practical and specific recommendations for each different period and their most common complaints and solutions-during pregnancy, during birth and post natal period. Useful case histories to show how and when homeopathy works
-Part 2 - explanation of over 90 different remedies and when to use them

Paperback: 336 pages
Size: 9 x 7.1 x 0.8 inches
Weight: 1.2 pounds

"It's a beautiful book. I love the layout and how easy it is to read. It's very non-biased on some of the more heated issues of the day in regards to babies. The information is extensive but not boring. It's more than just a book on medicine, it's a very good primer for any woman that's pregnant or just had a baby".
K. Maddox. March 2011. Amazon reviews.

"I am writing to tell you about your book Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth and your Baby's first year. I bought this book from Xerion in Calgary, Canada while pregnant with my first child back in June 2008. "I have used it weekly and in my daughter's early months, even daily. Such a wonderful read and organized in a way a sleep deprived Mum can find what she needs fast. I've used the book so much, it is literally falling apart. My husband teases me because I'm constantly stuffing pages and sections back in but, my other homeopathic books just don't compare.
Thank you so much for this resource :)
Charlotte B

"Hi Miranda
"I wanted to tell you that your wonderful book on pregnancy, birth and baby's first years is the bible in our house and rarely a week goes by that I don't rustle through the well thumbed pages seeking a remedy for myself, my daughter, a friend or their child or my husband.
"Your book saw us through whooping cough when my daughter was 6 months old, not to mention horrible colic when she was tiny, and more recently, gave my husband some respite during a case of walking pneumonia and helped me through some terrible headaches during my current second pregancy.
"So thank you, I don't know what I would do without it!"
Abby G

"I'm delighted to have the opportunity to thank you for your books: they contributed in no small part to my road-to-homeopathy, helped save my children from suffering many a time (preserving my sanity) - and even now, I pull out the 'Mother and Baby' occasionally when I've got an acute child case on the phone, because the remedy pictures are so clear, well-differentiated and tailored to that particular need.  Brilliant!"
Suse M

"I love your book! (pregnancy birth and your childs first year). it was my first homeopathic book and it taught me how to find remedies. I use is all the time and suggest it whenever I’m asked ...and even when I’m not!! thank you for such a fabulous resource."
Natalie S

"Hi Miranda, I especially love your 'pregnancy and baby's first year' book. It was a lifeline to be when I needed it and one I always recommend to others. Its wonderful to be able to thank you personally. "
Ashling L

"I just found your website and just wanted to say that your book took me right through my whole pregnancy, birth of our son, and way beyond the first year.  Of all the books I have on homeopathy (and there are quite a few as I am now studying it) yours is still the one that I refer to the most.  I have just given it to a friend of mine who has just given birth and sing its praises to all that I come across that are pregnant.  Our son is now seven and has always been treated homeopathically, had no immunisations and is a picture of vitality and health!"
Michelle P

"Dear Ms. Castro, Your pregnancy and first year book has been my bible."
Tammy M

"Hey- little Freddie woke up last night screaming in pain from an earache-hysterical, big red ears etc. Poor M didn't know what to do-but I ran downstairs and opened your Kids homeopathic book - looked under earache- saw the 3rd thing was Belladonna and gave it to him- 2 mins later he was sitting up chatting away and he was fine all night and all day today so far- so cheers"
Declan F

"I then wrote to you after I had bought your wonderful book "The Complete Homeopathy Handbook", a copy of which is in the households of each of our four daughters - the three of whom who are mothers also have your Baby books!)  "
Hugh E

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