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Yoni's Bliss

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3.4 oz (100 gr)
A revolutionary, homeopathic, lubricating gel.

Yoni’s Bliss is not just another personal lubricant. It is a revolutionary, healing gel that is great for everyday use. The healing formula includes ingredients that keep delicate tissues lubricated and therefore alleviates dryness and any associated discomforts or pains. It is a natural, water-based formulation that was carefully designed to be pH-balanced and pleasantly soothing.

- Organic and sustainable
- Water-based and pH balanced
- Non-sticky and gentle
- Odorless, tasteless and colorless
- Vegan: never tested on animals

- Use it to reduce dryness and pain for daily comfort.
- Use it to increase pleasure and reduce pain during sexual activities.

You do not have to be sexually active to benefit from using this luscious gel. Yoni’s Bliss is great for everyday comfort. It helps keep the vagina in shape by keeping those sensitive tissues lubricated and pain-free.

Dryness and/or pain can be troublesome for women going through hormonal shifts whether it is during pregnancy or after childbirth or during the menopausal years. Vaginal dryness can also occur after surgery or from various medications (especially contraceptive medicines) or all kinds of diseases including thyroid disease and diabetes and even stress.

This deliciously silky, smooth gel stays where it is placed better than a liquid, and because it is pH-balanced for a woman’s vaginal tissues it keeps that sensitive, delicate environment in good shape.

- Soothes irritated tissues.
- Relieves dryness by re-hydrating and healing dry tissues.
- Helps regulate the vagina's natural pH balance.

- Apply 1-2 times daily.
- Use less often once symptoms subside.
- Repeat as needed.

Apply as desired to intimate areas: 1-2 pumps per usage.
Use 1-2 times per day for up to 3 weeks or until symptoms subside.
Then use as needed to alleviate dryness and/or pain for daily comfort.
Use as often as you would like for ease during sexual activities.

- For topical use only.
- Do not apply to broken skin.
- Keep out of the reach of children.
- For adult use age 18 years and older.
- Tamper evident. Do not use if seal is broken or missing.
- Keep sealed in cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.
- If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a health professional before use.

Yoni’s Bliss contains only pure, natural ingredients.
- Chamomilla. This homeopathic remedy in a low potency is soothing to irritated tissues.
- Natrum muriaticum. This homeopathic cell salt alleviates dry mucus membranes.
- Organic Aloe. The healing base to this gel is derived from the plant Aloe which contains natural anti-inflammatory properties. In addition it helps repair elastin and collagen thereby increasing the elasticity and flexibility of vaginal tissues.
- Carrageenan. Derived from seaweed (red algae) this gives the gel its lovely body.
- Citric Acid. This ingredient brings Yoni’s Bliss into alignment with the vagina’s natural pH balance.
- Sodium Benzoate. This salt has preservative qualities that are generally considered safe.
- Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate. This preservative is an anti-microbial that helps to prolong the shelf life of this gel.

- No silicone or dimethicone.
- No artificial colors.
- No perfumes.
- No petroleum products.
- No propylene glycol.
- No glycerin.
- No parabens.
- No lanolin.
- No toxic ingredients.
There are no petrochemicals to clog up your pores. There’s no lanolin to cause itching or unpleasant stickiness. There are no perfumes to cause allergies. There are no toxic ingredients including no parabens or propylene glycol to build up in your tissues or cause side effects.?

Q. How often can I use Yoni's Bliss?
A. You can use Yoni’s Bliss as often as you like. You can use it every time you have sex. If you have dry or irritated vaginal tissues then start by using it once or twice a day for up to 3 weeks using it as needed once it has started to help.

Q. How safe is Yoni’s Bliss safe?
A. Yoni’s Bliss is odorless, tasteless, and has no toxic ingredients. All the ingredients are organic and natural, and the preservatives are regarded as safe by the FDA.

Q. Can I use Yoni’s Bliss with condoms?
A. Yes. Yoni’s Bliss is safe to use with both latex and polyurethane condoms. It will not weaken or damage them in any way. In fact, using Yoni’s Bliss on both the inside and the outside of a latex condom can help prevent breakage.

Q. Will Yoni’s Bliss kill sperm?
A. No. Yoni’s Bliss has no contraceptive properties.

Q. Can Yoni’s Bliss be used with sex toys?
A. Yoni’s Bliss is safe and effective for use with sex toys.

Q. Does Yoni’s Bliss stain?
A. No. The simple, natural ingredients in Yoni’s Bliss will not mark or stain the skin or most fabrics. Because it is water-based it washes out easily.

Q. Does Yoni’s Bliss stay good forever?
A. All natural products lose their freshness over time. The airless pump bottle along with the gentle preservatives ensure a stable shelf life of about 3 years as long as you don’t store it where it can be exposed to excessive sunlight or heat.

Q. What will Yoni’s Bliss feel like to my partner?
A. It should feel great. It will definitely feel non-sticky and natural. Yoni’s Bliss is odorless and tasteless too.

Q. How many applications are in each pump bottle of Yoni’s Bliss?
A. The clear 100g airless pump bottle lets you apply exactly the amount you want, exactly where you want it. Each bottle holds approximately 150 pumps of Yoni’s Bliss homeopathic lubricating gel.

Please Contact Us with any additional questions.

I love the texture and feel of the product. I also love that it is non sticky and non odorous. I keep coming back because it has been the first and only product that keeps working great, on a daily basis, especially since my body’s gone into menopause.” V.W.

“We were nothing less than delighted with the results. After thorough field testing, my honey and I give Yoni’s Bliss our enthusiastic stamp of approval.” T.R.C.

“I was so excited to get your product and find out that it’s more than just a lubricant. I’ve used lubes in the past and unfortunately I was a bit reluctant to try this one; I’m so glad that I did. I just love it! I feel soothed, nourished and supported when I use Yoni’s Bliss. I have even put in on just to feel the fresh, soothing feeling on occasion too.” H.N.

“I am a new discoverer of Yoni’s Bliss – and I will never go back to the chemicals of commercial lubricants. It feels like my natural moisture! And it doesn’t go sticky like the usual brands on the market. This is a really special product. We don’t often talk about our sexuality, but i just read that a huge majority of mature women (many many in their 80’s) have a thriving and satisfying sex life.” A.B.

“Nice texture, slippery and smooth. Doesn't work on him but GREAT for me. Water soluble so cleans up easily.” A.C.

“I love this product. It has long lasting lubricity, odorless and not sticky. Yoni's Bliss is better than any synthetic lube I've used. The pump packaging dispenses the product easily.” B.P.

“This works very well. Not sticky at all.” T.W.

“Great product. I have very sensitive skin and this was wonderful. Very pleasant to work with.” R.

“This product definitely has helped me! Intercourse was very painful and I really thought my sex life was over. I am only 53 and I was very depressed. I came across Yoni's Bliss and decided to try it. I thought what do I have to lose. One thing that I did that was different was I used an applicator. I think that was the key to get the much needed product up inside to moisturize and works it's magic. I used it everyday for 2 weeks before I tried intercourse. I suggest putting a panty liner on because some of the product will leak out. It worked! I didn't feel that intense burning sensation like I did before using Yoni's Bliss. I feel like I got my sex life back! I am a happy camper and of course my husband is thrilled!! I highly recommend this product!” Anon

“I'm 57 and have not had enjoyable sex without pain since menopause started. Yoni Bliss is the solution!!!! Used daily for a couple of weeks first then experienced life changing results. Yay!” W.G.

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