Miranda Castro’s Complete Kit & Handbook

$234.99 $225.00

Every remedy from Miranda Castro’s Complete Homeopathy Handbook in a convenient attractive, translucent blue box. The price includes a free signed copy of The Complete Homeopathy Handbook.

This kit is a brilliant companion to the Handbook for both home and travel. You’ll always have the remedy you need at hand especially if you do not have a homeopathic pharmacy close by. It’s also great value at only $2.25 per remedy!

Contains 94 remedies in 1/2 dram amber glass vials. Each vial contains over 1200 pellets…enough for a lifetime’s use of most remedies. There are six empty spaces for extra remedies of your choice.

Included is a 32-page booklet with a mini materia medica and repertory: a handy tool for remedy selection – and guidelines for dosing.

If you would like to purchase the kit on it’s own (without the book) click here.

  • Aconite 30C
  • Agaricus 30C
  • Allium cepa 30C
  • 4atimonium crud 30C
  • Antimonium tart 30C
  • Argentum nitricum 30C
  • Apis mel 30C
  • Arnica montana 30C
  • Arsenicum alb 30C
  • Baptisia 30C
  • Baryta carb 30C
  • Belladonna 30C
  • Bellis per 30C
  • Borax 30C
  • Bryonia alb 30C
  • Calcarea carb 30C
  • Calcarea fluor 30C
  • Calcarea phos 30C
  • Calcarea sulph 30C
  • Calendula 30C
  • Cantharis 30C
  • Carbo animalis 30C
  • Carbo veg 30C
  • Caulophyllum 30C
  • Causticum 30C
  • Chamomilla 30C
  • China (cinchona) 30C
  • Cimicifuga 30C
  • Cina 30C
  • Cocculus 30C
  • Coccus cacti 30C
  • Coffea cruda 30C
  • Colchicum 30C
  • Colocynth 30C
  • Conium 30C
  • Cuprum met 30C
  • Dioscorea 30C
  • Drosera 30C
  • Dulcamara 30C
  • Euphrasia 30C
  • Eupatorium perf 30C
  • Ferrum met 30C
  • Gelsemium 30C
  • Glonoin 30C
  • Hammamelis 30C
  • Hepar sulph calc 30C
  • Hypericum 30C
  • Ignatia 30C
  • Ipecac 30C
  • Jaborandi (pilocarpus) 30C
  • Kali bic 30C
  • Kali carb 30C
  • Kali mur 30C
  • Kali phos 30C
  • Kali sulph 30C
  • Lachesis 30C
  • Ledum 30C
  • Lycopodium 30C
  • Magnesia carb 30C
  • Magnesia mur 30C
  • Magnesia phos 30C
  • Mercurius corr 30C
  • Mercurius viv 30C
  • Natrum carb 30C
  • Natrum mur 30C
  • Natrum phos 30C
  • Natrum sulph 30C
  • Nitricum acidum 30C
  • Nux vomica 30C
  • Petroleum 30C
  • Phosphorus 30C
  • Phosphoric acid 30C
  • Phytolacca 30C
  • Podophyllum 30C
  • Pulsatilla 30C
  • Pyrogenium 30C
  • Rheum 30C
  • Rhododendron 30C
  • Rhus tox 30C
  • Rumex 30C
  • Ruta grav 30C
  • Sarsaparilla 30C
  • Sepia 30C
  • Silicea 30C
  • Spongia 30C
  • Staphysagria 30C
  • Sulphur 30C
  • Sulphuric acid 30C
  • Symphytum 30C
  • Tabacum 30C
  • Thuja 30C
  • Urtica urens 30C
  • Veratrum alb 30C
  • Zincum met 30C

This kit contains 94 remedies in 30C potency in 1/2 dram glass vials of #10 pellets in a protective plastic case. The pellets are tiny (like poppy seeds) and there are about 1200 in each bottle.

The shelf life of a homeopathic remedy is unknown – remedies made 100 years ago are still effective.

Although some advise not to expose your homeopathic remedies to strong odors, radiation or heat, our personal kits have been through florida summers (in the glove compartment of the car) and through airport x-rays and the remedies still work just fine.

Weight31.5 oz
Dimensions9.25 × 7.325 × 2.8 in

Translucent Blue


Hard Plastic

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